Block of the Month

July Block Lotto

Umbrella Party! Even in sunny California, we can appreciate an adorable umbrella.

The lotto will be drawn for these blocks at our August meeting.

Donna made a wonderful inspiration board, as usual.


When finished, here is a taste of what they look like. So cute, right?


Block of the Month

April Block Lotto Improv Swap


Improv Block Swap
Bring to April meeting 3 solid color (or read as solid)
fabrics in a ziplock bag. Pieces can be 3″ to 9″, so you have small, medium and large.
We will swap these at meeting, at home make a block with the
packet fabric
Adding 1 more color of your own (Optional) after all this is improv,
Blocks are due at May meeting, winner takes all.
Quilt Ideas are found online or pinterest by looking up
Improv Quilters.