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2021 Quilt Retreat at Vina de Lestonnac


NOUN: A quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.

Another successful quilting retreat is under IEMQG’s belt! Word on the street is that it was “sew” welcomed and needed. Thanks to everyone who attended!

We asked for feedback on the retreat and we received this thoughtful response from Lynn that was definitely worthy of sharing:

The retreat was a time for connecting and reconnecting. Several members who have moved, returned and several new faces joined the mix of faces we have come to know on our zoom screens. But this time in person. We have all lived through the common experience of isolation the past year and a half, and now, some cautiously and some explosively, emerged to negotiate the world’s new normal. It was enjoyable to linger over the delicious meals to just chat in person. So eager for the in person connections, we quickly became immersed in all things fabric. We connected and deepened friendships. I enjoyed working on the community quilt, moving triangles around trying to make order and hearing other opinions about the design. Collaboration like this has been missing in my life and was a welcomed and enjoyable experience. We each had our own projects and with each finish a proud moment was captured with a photo. We also worked on luggage tags, rope bowls, and sewing mats with directions shared by members. I worked on the mini mod block swap project. Inspired by the retreat, the beautiful location, and the weaving of stories and experiences, I created an improvisational piece reminiscent of a landscape. The mini mod blocks became rows of sparkle dotted through the scene of cheery colors. Creating with fabric is usually done alone, and has truly been a guiding light during the pandemic. But the retreat returned the activity to the social realm and infused new energy and life into the creations.


2021 IEMQG Quilting Retreat at Vina